Sunday, June 10, 2007

Electric Scooter

Nathan was asking me if we could make an electric quad for him. It is kind of a long story as to why he was asking but basically revolved around me telling him that I would not let him ride a gas engine quad because it was to big, etc. So I went to look online for a electric kids tractor someone had made that I had seen a while back. There are even more things the guy has done and cool stuff too unfortunately he has had to charge for plans. Though from the looks of it they are probably a deal at whatever he is charging. Plans are not my style, they are too restrictive because I work in Junk. Still he has free plans and very good ones too from the looks of it though I had trouble opening the one I wanted to see. Anyway I just wanted to look at it to see what size motor he use and what motor controller. Anyway the point is moot because I will be using whatever I have on hand, maybee a electric golf bag cart, or a powerwheels, or a electric scooter motor and controller I have. And all the work he has done could hardly be made up for on what he must make on plans really. He has some decent stuff on making evs, motor, controller , battery info etc.

Some other neat stuff I came across were a electric motor cycle done in a show called Gomi Style which I had never heard of before. Honestly I am not sure anyone has heard of this before. It is worth a watch. It's free too, well except for your time. He did have some cool ideas like making a "FREE Take it" sign to put on dumpters when he goes dumpster diving. Not origional but still cool.

This adds to my suspicions that there are people out there that have all the crazy interests I do, there is electric scooter vehicle info and alot of other stuff:

Another site with ev stuff
and bunches of links

This is a site of a guy that made his own version of a segway, pretty cool. Actually way cooler than buying a real one if you ask me.


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