Sunday, June 10, 2007

Electric Tractors

I have wanted a Elec-Trac GE for a while, I think I missed the boat, the ones available are usually pretty expensive if in good condition(if you can find one somebody will part with) and the junky ones are usually expensive and are not really worth anything except for some spare parts. The pic is from

I totally like the idea of an electic tractor. Regular garden/farm tractors are pretty noisy. I suppose there will be a certain amt of noise associated with mower decks and the like but I think a quiet vehicle like this would be awesome.

Found some links and here they are:

Electric Tractor Inventory

Jim Coate's page on elecric tractors

Links to electric tractor manufacturers and electric yard tool makers

Not exactly a electric tractor, but cool:

I am going to add more later.


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